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The Importance of Financial Education

Posted by Palindrome Advisors on June 8, 2011


Shoutout to one of our favorite Nonprofit Partners – The Glow Foundation

An exceptional and well-grounded organization, The Glow Foundation, established in 2006, was set up to help underprivileged young adults attend college. Financial literacy is a vital part of every individual’s life – old or young. Unfortunately, financial literacy is not stressed in the American secondary education system and is often synonymous with retirement planning or investment portfolios. Glow brings this issue front and center and helps underprivileged students (who are often the first in their families to attend college) think about financial literacy in a different way. Financial literacy is not only a mechanism to think long term but also a vehicle for short term success. The ability to effectively plan and manage ones finances is critical. The knowledge and assistance provided by Glow Foundation empowers individuals to take that stepping stone towards a brighter and more lucrative future.

If you are interested in volunteering for Glow or dropping in to attend many of their amazing workshops, please contact us. 

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