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About Us

Letter from Zaw Thet 

Most of my career has been focused on creating and building out new start-ups – always looking forward. I made it my goal in 2010 to carve out time to address one of my long-held personal values of “giving back” –driven into me by my parents and by my Soros fellowship. 
I'm extremely proud that Palindrome is no longer just my non-profit, but really a group effort where we all have taken the Palindrome Pledge to help educate our peers on philanthropy and make a difference in the world not just through money – but through a focused use of our time. 
I am convinced this will reinvent the way industry leaders interact with nonprofits. It is no longer about becoming "Bill Gates rich" and donating a significant amount of money. That goal is a great one to have but we have to learn to give back in alternate ways in the short term. The people and the causes we are passionate about don't have the option to wait around. They need help now.
If you can identify a problem, Palindrome can solve it. To us, "philanthropist" is the most prestigious title you can earn.
Let's do this. Let's change the world. 
- Zaw Thet
CEO & Founder
Palindrome Advsiors


Letter from Charlaine Thet

It’s really not hard to find something that touches your heart, moves you in such a way you want to help make a difference, for the better…you just have to do something about it.  That’s what got me so excited about Palindrome…how unique an idea and fortunate an opportunity to work with such talented, caring and influential group of people towards one common goal – changing how leaders give back. That is a broad umbrella but Palindrome is the first platform I have seen that really does have the power to implement change.  The "Palindrome Pledge" (matching industry leaders with nonprofit boards) is only the first of many to come. I’ve spent years working with nonprofits, staying actively involved, however I’ve never felt settled or happy with the results.  It’s hard to see change sometimes, especially where there are so many things that need serious attention.  For the first time I can see a way through those challenges and know this time my efforts working with the rest of the amazing Palindrome team will make the difference I’ve always dreamt of achieving.

- Charlaine Thet
Executive Director 
Palindrome Advsiors