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Pledge Program

The Palindrome Pledge

The Palindrome “Pledge” is a promise taken by an elite group of leaders in technology, media, advertising, entertainment, government, education, sports, hospitality, and finance to commit themselves to making a difference in a nonprofit of their choice: by serving on the board of the nonprofit for a minimum of one year and participating in the Palindrome community. Like serving on the board of a for-profit, Palindrome allows you to not only invest in your nonprofit’s cause using your business acumen or checkbook, but to also invest emotionally – for a cause, for change, for something you care deeply about.  It’s part of Palindrome’s mission to find you the perfect fit: a nonprofit that needs the particular expertise you offer and works toward a cause you care deeply about. Palindrome is the “” for nonprofits and this elite group of Advisors.  

More on Palindrome Advisors  and Why There is a Pressing Need for This Program

How often have you thought about giving back? Donating money? Spending time at your local shelter? How often have you run out of time, or put it at the bottom of your list thinking “I’m going to live my life by the Bill Gates model. Focus on my career, make lots of money and then dedicate my life to giving back to the less fortunate.” Let’s be real. There is a possibility that you will be the second richest man in the world and have enough wealth to distribute at the scale of the Gates Foundation. But what if you are just the third? 

Our extensive work with nonprofits has shown that nonprofits aren’t necessarily looking for drop-in volunteers or annual checks. It takes more time and energy to train volunteers who show up on an inconsistent basis than it is helpful to the organization. Annual checks are not dependable recurrences. Nonprofits need something more sustainable – people on the inside who can offer technical and managerial expertise to the team and help the nonprofit strategize on a macro level –and access to a community of leaders dedicated to providing free or at-cost best practices in a collaborative environment. As industry leaders, we will never know as much about the nonprofit as the team that spends each day working on it. What we can do is take our expertise: customer development, fundraising, executive planning, cause marketing, etc and apply it to the nonprofit sector. 

Beyond the Board – The Palindrome Community

The Palindrome Pledge will include quarterly salons. These quarterly salons will give each Advisor the ability to exchange notes on what nonprofits need, what problems they are facing and how Palindrome Advisors can help as a larger entity. Salons will also feature presentations from nonprofits on the issues they are facing. The salons will culminate into an annual summit where we will discuss these issues on a larger stage (i.e. political, national.) Your involvement with each nonprofit board is of utmost importance to us — but the presence of quarterly salons and an annual summit will force us to have what will become crucial discussions for the betterment of society and eventually the world. Being a part of the Pledge Program gives you not only the ability to add value to the nonprofit world, but also network with an elite group of industry leaders such as yourself.

I know each of you are passionate about something beyond just your day job. Palindrome was founded in the hope that the passion we pour into our collective day jobs (the ones we love and lose sleep over) can benefit those less fortunate. It is the skillset we have acquired as industry leaders that is invaluable to the nonprofit world. They need us and they need us now.