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Advisor FAQ

How will you match me with a nonprofit?

We will use the questionnaire you just filled out (or will fill out) alongside a similar questionnaire filled out by our nonprofit Partners. Having had experience in the for-profit and the non-profits worlds, the Palindrome team will use their best judgment along with the information you have provided to best match your expertise with a nonprofit that both needs them and serves a cause you are passionate about.  When a match is made a summary sheet will be sent to both parties that does not include any personal information – so if either party decides the match is not a right fit then no feelings are hurt. Normally, the on-boarding process can take anywhere from 2-6 months. We will ensure this is expedited as best we can. 

What if I don’t like the Nonprofit Partner with whom I am matched?

We wholeheartedly believe in our matching process and will send you a matching “rationale” introducing you (the Palindrome Advisor) to the nonprofit Partner and listing out the reasons we believe the nonprofit is “the one” for you. Prior to any formal board acceptance, there will be a set of mutual interviews and meetings between you and the non-profit. You are always welcome to voice your opinion and contact us if you would like to be re-matched with a different nonprofit. 

What if the nonprofit Partner demands more time on the board than I am willing to spend?

We hope that your commitment to the Palindrome Pledge will drive you to want to invest time in your nonprofit. After an in-depth analysis of the nonprofit world, we have come to realize that industry leaders such as ourselves are most equipped to help nonprofits via supervisory/macro role—hence the structure of the program. Nonprofit board membership does not require you to be involved in day-to-day operations but is instead a way you can help the organization build out its programs, investments and finances strategically. Every individual is unique, so please be upfront on your expected time constraints and we will match you accordingly.

What else do I have to do as an Advisor other than serve on the board of a nonprofit?

1. Host a Salon 

2. Attend the Palindrome Annual Summit 

3. Recruit a minimum of one new advisor per year 

Is there a monetary commitment of any sort?

Part of becoming a Palindrome Advisor is taking the Palindrome Pledge–and that’s all about having some skin in the game. Nothing crazy, but non-profits need to know that you’re committed – and so does the Palindrome community. Minimum to pledge and join the group of advisors is $2,500. If you choose to do more, that is of course great. Palindrome is also a nonprofit (501c3), so this is tax-deductible.

 CC/paypal here:

or send check to:

Palindrome Advisors
229 Brannan St, Suite 6E
San Francisco CA 94107

Is Palindrome already on Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, Palindrome has a presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

What type of nonprofits are eligible to become Palindrome Partners?

We aren’t picky when it comes to the “type” of nonprofits we serve because we understand that our Advisors will be passionate about different types of causes. Three basic requirements are: 

1. 501(c)3 status 

2. Primary focus for board recruitment is skill set and talent, not fundraising 

3. Dedicated contact/point person to interact with the Palindrome team on a regular basis 

What if I cannot serve on the board of a nonprofit – Can I still be part of Palindrome Advisors? 

While we want all of our Palindrome Advisors to serve on the board of a nonprofit partner for at least a year, we also need help in a variety of other ways: 

1. If you don't have time to serve on the board of a nonprofit, you may still be able to help individual nonprofits with specific needs based on your skill set. 

2. Expand our network of high-level executives and industry leaders through recruitment 

3. Host events for the Palindrome community 

I’m already on the board of a nonprofit – Can I still be part of Palindrome Advisors?

Yes. You bring the knowledge of working with nonprofits that is invaluable to the Palindrome community. You can also use the community to expand your own board and utilize the skill set and talents of the advisor base. 

Why should I do this?

Let’s be honest, if you have to ask, you aren’t a fit.