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Founding Advisors

Aaron Ross

Technology, Education

Aaron Ross is the author of "CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs" and founder of PebbleStorm, which is helping 100 million people “make money through enjoyment” by combining happiness and money.  He also serves as Advisory Board Member for a series of startups such as Clickability, MyndNet, ExpectCEO, AfterCollege, 4INFO, ConnectAndSell, Playboox, Flywheel Ventures. Aaron Ross’ Unique Genius work ( 
shows people how to make as much money as they want, doing what they love.

Formerly, Aaron was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Alloy Ventures and CEO of LeaseExchange. He holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

Highlights: Founder of Pebblestorm, Author of CEOFlow; Former Entrepreneur in Residence at Alloy Ventures, Former CEO of LeaseExchange

Location: Greater Los Angeles Area