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Founding Advisors

Adam Marchick

Venture Capital

Adam Marchick is part of the Bain Capital Ventures team, making technology investments across the United States.

Prior to Bain Capital, he spent three years at Menlo Ventures, where he focused on investing broadly in IT at all stages. At Menlo Ventures, he helped make investments in a number of companies at A, B and C-round stages. He is always interested in meeting entrepreneurs and discussing new ideas. Before Menlo, Adam is part of early technical team for multiple start-ups and a few years building software for Siebel.

Adam also serves on the board of the Glow Foundation. Glow is a non-profit he started due to the chasm 1st generation college students fall into when faced with the financial hurdles of going to college.

Highlights: Associate at Bain Capital Ventures; Former Investor at Menlo Ventures. Founder of Glow Foundation

Board Experience: Glow Foundation, AAyuja

Location: Greater Boston Area