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Founding Advisors

Jason Zan

Venture Capital

Jason Zan is serving as the Senior Director of Venture Investment at Rogers Ventures. With a decade of business development experience, Jason has honed and executed his ability to analyze, structure, negotiate and manage large complex financial and operational transactions. Jason has negotiated numerous operational deals, such as, Rogers Cable Video on Demand distribution rights with Sony, Universal and Paramount. Jason has a strong understanding and passion for wireline, wireless and media industries in Canada, with his main focus being digital media.

His credentials also include the founder and CEO of Tokiva and Senior Business Director, Business Development for Rogers Communications Inc. His role with Rogers Ventures involves auditing and meeting startups to evaluate whether a partnership with Rogers Ventures would be beneficial. Jason is the first voice a potential investee would hear.

If Jason’s experience makes him appear flexible and willing to step outside of the box, it won’t surprise you to learn that Jason is training to become a Cirque du Soleil performer. He extensively works to contort, extend and bend in order to achieve the amazing techniques that a Cirque du Soleil performer would accomplish with ease. This might seem like a unique hobby to you, but Jason has embraced the rigorous activity, and it falls in line with the mentality needed to help technology startups grow and succeed.

Highlights: Senior Director of Venture Investment at Rogers Ventures; Former Launch Lead of Zoocasa; Former Founder of Tokiva

Location: Toronto, Canada Area