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Founding Advisors

Jen Colton

Public Relations, Technology

Jen Colton is the Principal at Flashpoint PR. She's sharpened her masterful touch over the last 15 years by diving deep into consumer technology, wireless technology, social media, and publishing. Jen helped Handspring put the "smart" in smartphones, Sling Media move T.V.-watching out of the living room, and GAP storm the fashion world. Never afraid to rumble, Jen took the media to task for their wrongheaded coverage of Hewlett-Packard's corporate strategy and helped change perceptions about the National Caucus process. When she's not impressing clients, Jen's dispensing witty wisdom to whoever's listening.

Highlights: Principal at Flashpoint PR; Worked with Handspring, Sling Media, GAP, and HP

Location: San Francisco Bay Area