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Founding Advisors

Kara Nortman

Technology, Advertising

Kara Nortman is the Senior Vice President of Publishing for CityGrid Media, an IAC owned online media company that connects web and mobile publishers with local advertising organizations by linking them through CityGrid®, its local content and advertising network. In this role, Ms. Nortman is responsible for overseeing the publisher side of the CityGrid Media’s owned properties, which include consumer sites, Citysearch, Insider Pages and Urbanspoon. In addition, Ms. Nortman is responsible for charting the growth of new content for the CityGrid® network, which includes partner sites such as Bing, and more.

Previously, Ms. Nortman served as Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions for IAC where she oversaw a number of IAC’s recent moves in the local space including the acquisitions of InsiderPages and Urbanspoon. Prior to IAC, Ms. Nortman worked for Battery Ventures were she focused on investments in the Internet, communications and new media sectors. At Battery Ventures, Ms. Nortman was involved in the development of The NewsMarket, Spot Runner, The Loan Page (acquired by HouseValues), EnvoyWorldWide (acquired by PAR3 Communications), Kashya (acquired by EMC), and Cbeyond Communications (Nasdaq: CBEY).

Ms. Nortman has also held positions at Microsoft and Morgan Stanley. She holds a BA in Political Science from Princeton University and an MBA from Stanford University.

Highlights: SVP of CityGrid Media; Former VP of M&A at IAC. Former Partner at Battery Ventures

Board Experience: NewsMarket, Spot Runner, The Loan Page, EnvoyWorldWide, Kashya, Cbeyond Communications

Location: Los Angeles Area