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Founding Advisors

Scot McLernon


Scot McLernon entered the interactive media and advertising business in 1995, marketing banners and interactive “booths” for the web’s first online and offline trade show entitled “Web Innovation”. Since that time, his sales team leadership and unique advertising solutions have received numerous accolades throughout his career at CBS MarketWatch and CBS Interactive. He’s been branded as an industry pioneer and innovator and above all, is known for generating enthusiasm and record results from each employee under his leadership, and from his teams as a whole.

He currently serves as Chief Revenue Officer of Yume, Advisor of Wikinvest, Cardlytics, Inc., and Context Web, as well as Vice President of Sales at Corralitos Ridge Vineyards.

Prior to this, McLernon joined Doug Weaver and Upstream Group in 2008 to enter a new phase of his career but one that makes complete sense: Sales Training and Mentoring. Something he has unofficially been doing for the last 15 years as a sales leader. McLernon and Weaver are now helping shape and foster the digital sales leaders of today and tomorrow with customized workshops and Habitat – a traveling digital sales campus.

Prior to Upstream McLernon built and led three different and very successful web advertising sales teams, most recently with the newly formed CBS Interactive Group. McLernon’s sales teams were cited by Forrester for highest revenue per sales person for four years in a row.

While under his leadership, CBS MarketWatch won “best business and finance site to advertise with” and his sales teams earned the acclaimed ASPY award as Best Overall Sales Team on the web.

Highlights: Chief Revenue Officer of Yume; Advisor of Wikinvest, Cardlytics, Inc., and Context Web; Vice President of Sales at Corralitos Ridge Vineyards; Former President of Upstream Group; Former Founder of SF BIG; Former Senior Vice President of Sales at CBS Interactive

Location: San Francisco Bay Area