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Founding Advisors

Wayne Yamamoto


Wayne Yamamoto is the Founder of Charity Blossom helping nonprofits to raise money. Previously, Wayne was the the Co-Founder and CTO of MerchantCircle ( He has deep experience in Internet media, social networking, and all the trendy Web 2.0 models (from both business and technical perspectives). Wayne formulated the MerchantCircle strategy to create the largest small business network on the Internet, bringing 15 million small businesses online, giving them a presence and advertising reach to millions of customers searching for local goods and services on the Internet. He built the MerchantCircle product organization from scratch and have deployed and operated one of the largest Python websites/applications in the world that generates over 10 million uniques and 30 million page views a month.

As a Visiting Scholar in the Computer Science department at the University of Washington, Wayne investigated the application of computational technologies to the biological sciences (in addition to teaching Computer Science classes). His particular interest was in how information technologies and social media impact personal health care management. He continues to follow this space in his free time.

Wayne holds a BS and an MS in Computer Science from University of Washington.

Highlights: Founder of Charity Blossom; Former Co-Founder and CTO of MerchantCircle; Former Entrepreneur in Residence at Rustic Canyon Partnes

Board Experience: Charity Blossom, Merchant Circle

Location: San Francisco Bay Area