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What is a Salon? 

Palindrome requires all its Advisors to host one salon a year. The feature is the nonprofit organization the Advisor is matched with through the Palindrome Pledge Program or a new nonprofit that the Advisor would like to introduce to the community. The salon gives each Advisor the ability to exchange notes on what his/her nonprofit needs, what problems he/she is facing as a board member and how the Palindrome Advisors community can help as a larger entity. Salons also give you the ability to meet like-minded individuals and other advisors and nonprofits in our community. A key part of the Palindrome mission is nonprofit education and salons are central to that mission. Learning about the trajectories of other nonprofits is as important as your individual relationship with your assigned nonprofit board. 

How can you host a Salon? 

We want to keep this very simple.

All you have to do is send an e-mail to with the following information: 

1. When would you like to host your salon? Date and time included. Include an alternate date as well. 

2. Which nonprofit would you like to feature?

3. Where are you based?

4. How many people can you host? 

What am I responsible for? 

You are responsible for three simple things. 

1. Securing the venue – the salon can be held in the privacy of your own home, an event space or your favorite restaurant.

2. Food and Beverage – either personally or through obtaining a co-host/sponsor.

3. Preparing the agenda for the evening. (We are happy to assist.) 

What can I expect from the Palindrome Team? 

The Palindrome Team will help you manage the event from beginning to end. If you need advice on preparing the agenda, we are here to help. We can also help invite additional speakers and nonprofit partners in the area. We would also encourage you to invite new potential advisors you think might be right for our program. Once the venue and date is secured, we will send out invitations on your behalf and help track the responses for you. We believe in teamwork but want our advisors to take the hosting responsibility seriously.