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Intern Responsibilities


To apply please send a resume and cover letter to 

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Overall strategy and development with the executive team 
  • Managing top industry leaders who have been exclusively invited to join the initiative 
  • Nonprofit outreach and matching 
  • Webpage maintenance 
  • Event planning and execution 
  • Influencing the business plan of the organization – in charge of expansion across the United States and internationally 
  • Anything and everything we need help with (no, not coffee runs) 
Skills Needed: 


  • Excellent communication skills (writing + speaking) 
  • Website development experience 
  • Proficiency with PPT and Excel 
  • Enthusiasm and optimism 
  • Killer instinct 
  • Passion to change the world 
  • Team player and overall bad-ass (no this was not a typo.) 
  • The privilege of attending events with top VC's, politicians like Gov Schwarzenegger, sports stars like LeBron and Kobe, and entrepreneurs like the founder of mypsace, stubhub, twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Dialog with American leaders who want to make the world a better place 
  • As a Stanford student, this is an INCREDIBLE ability to build your network and get access to leaders who RUN silicon valley