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Nonprofit FAQ

How do I get involved?

Fill out the nonprofit questionnaire and the board structure sheet. 

How long does the matching process take?

The length of the matching process depends on advisor demand. We work very hard to accelerate the process but it takes us time to come up with the perfect match. Please be patient. If you want to know the status of your application, please e-mail Chairlaine Moore at 

Are the nonprofits limited to the Bay Area?

Absolutely not. We are a national nonprofit and will help any nonprofit interested.

How soon can I expect a board member to serve on the board?

On-boarding takes anywhere from 2-6 months. 

What do I do once I receive a match? 

1. Reach out to your matched Advisor asap through e-mail or phone.

2. Talk through what you need on your board and make sure you and your advisor are on the same page. Make sure you fill out the board structure sheet attached to the nonprofit questionnaire.

3. Update the Palindrome team on a weekly basis as to where you are with the on-boarding process. We are here to help. 

What if I am having problems with my board member?

If it is challenging for you to engage with your board member at the level you desired and the level we guaranteed, please get in touch with us so we can intervene and figure out how to solve the problem.  If after several interventions, the problem is not resolved, we will pair you up with a new board member.

Will Palindrome Advisors be engaged throughout the process?

We will definitely be engaged during the onboarding process but can stay as engaged as you want us to be once the member is officially on your board. Engagement via salons, events and conferences is mandatory as we expect our nonprofit partners and founding advisors to bring back what they have learned and educated our larger network about common problems/suggested solutions. You must also let us know when your nonprofit is hosting events so that we can invite our community of advisors and nonprofits.

Can we use the Advisor we are matched with for fundraising purposes? 

This is a very important concern of ours at Palindrome. While we understand fundraising is of primary importance to the success of nonprofit organizations, we do not want our advisors solicited for money. If your main concern is driving donations, the Palindrome Pledge may not be the right program for you. We encourage giving back through skillset and board engagement first and fundraising second. Please keep in mind that our advisors are high profile individuals who are often solicited for funds. We would encourage you to be cognisant of the fragility of the relationship and focus more on educating your match about the organization and later about the necessity of fundraising. 

Does the Pledge Process include any press/other PR advantages?

Absolutely. We are very active on the web via our blog and of course on social media – Facebook & Twitter. If you like, we also do feature posts and tweets about our nonprofit partners. Just ask us and we can feature you at any time! Visit our page now to see samples of coverage for our current partners.

What if our board requirements are not in line with the minimum of one year that Palindrome offers?

Since a lot of our Founding Advisors are extremely busy individuals, we thought a minimum one year commitment would be the best way to engage with them and allow them to commit their time.