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Due to overwhelming demand for our "Palindrome Startups" program we are no longer accepting applications for 2012. Please leave us your contact information and check back with us in early 2013.


A new program titled “Palindrome Startups”, launched in partnership with Startup America, will match Palindrome’s Founding Advisors, all experienced executives and proven entrepreneurs, with young companies and first-time entrepreneurs.In order to help increase the prevalence and success of high-growth enterprises creating quality jobs in the U.S., Palindrome will tap into a “deep engagement” model paralleling its nonprofit model, by matchingexisting Advisors with startup boards and entrepreneurs. The program starts with a mentorship program and leads to a formal board seat, stressing a medium for meaningful engagement between top industry leaders and first-time entrepreneurs and startups. Palindrome strives to seek out underrepresented entrepreneurs by age, ethnicity, gender, and disability. As part of Palindrome’s core vision, the model remains philanthropic: Palindrome’s Advisors will donate time free of cost to the “Palindrome Startups” program, in addition to their commitments to nonprofit boards. If the advisor-startup relationship grows into a formal board seat, one hundred percent of all equity or other compensation received will be donated to Palindrome’s Nonprofit Partners. 

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